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Are you planning your holiday in Naples? Do you want to do a tour from Naples to Pompeii? Visiting also Sorrento and Amalfi? Great choice! The romantic city is waiting for you. It is a strategic position which will allow you to discover many beautiful attractions of this enchanting area of South Italy. How to define a holiday in Campania? It is like a trip into the heart, where people are really as they show with their smile and coziness. Keep on reading about the wonderful destinations of Campania, a place that will stay forever in your heart!

Tour from Naples to Pompeii

Tour from Naples to Pompeii

Campania is a very attended region for tourists. There is history, sea, metropolis and fashion. Let’s see the most interesting attractions you can’t miss!

Keep on mind this: wherever you wish to go, our drivers will be there waiting for you. So, what are these cities?

  • Amalfi Coast
  • Sorrento Peninsula
  • Paestum
  • Pompeii
  • Cilento Coast
  • Naples
  • the Vesuvius
  • Capri and Ischia
  • Salerno

IsB this enough? Are you ready to dive into pieces of natural beauty and history?

Tour from Sorrento to Capri

If these two destinations attracted your attention, maybe is the case to do a tour. Taking public means to get there is ill-judged, the road is hard and you could find yourself to travel like one hour pressed in a bus full of people. The right option is Amalfi Car, in this way your tour will be comfortable. Also if you would like to go to Capri, we can take you to ferry and wait for you to come back, so don’t worry about it.

Are you wondering about what to visit in Sorrento Peninsula and Capri? Good question, let’s discover it together!

Sorrento is famous for the view. Once there you could go on the top of the city to appreciate the height looking at the sea. Taste food, eat ice cream, have a walk to Tasso Square and visit the ancient Sedil Dominova.

We suggest you to do a boat trip in Capri, to see the famous rocks called Faraglioni.

Tour Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

A wonderful adventure is waiting for you in Amalfi Coast. The magic of these towns will wrap you with colours and tasteful flavours. We know well the road to get there, so also in Amalfi you will travel comfortably and safe.

Are you wondering about the towns? Let’s discover them all.

The most popular and fascinating ones are Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. One for fashion, one for culture and one for the view. But there’s much more than this: natural beauty.

Natural beauty of Amalfi Coast

Yes, because nature has been kept well, also because of the difficulty to get here. Once in Amalfi Coast, you will soon discover natural places as the Furore Fiord, the Emerald Grotto and the Path of Gods, one of the most beautiful hiking views in the world.

Of course, also food is great here, there is an old fishermen tradition and the best chefs work in the restaurants of the divine coast. Seeing is believing.

Tour Naples Italy

Here we are, with another tour. Naples has so many attractions that you could choose to do two comfortable tours instead of a quick one. Well…what are the places where we will take you?

A very wanted part of Naples is the Maschio Angioino, also known as Castel Nuovo. In the surroundings you will find the Galleria Umberto I, Plebiscito Square and Mergellina seaside. We recommend you to eat an icecream in Mergellina, it’s great there!

Naples tour, the places you can’t miss

There are more castles to visit here, as the Castel dell’Ovo, Castel Sant’Elmo, the Royal Palace. You can’t even miss these places of Naples: Spaccanapoli, the Villa Floridiana, Toledo Underground station, San Carlo Theatre and Naples Cathedral. We can bring you to do some shopping in Via Luca Giordano or the typical street markets.

It would be a shame leaving Naples without tasting food, it is the homeland of pizza, but don’t ask it with fried potatoes and wurstel, they could take offense.

Salerno Cruise Excursions

If you are about to land in Salerno don’t worry: we can take you to a Salerno excursion and bring you back in time to the cruise. Salerno is a very beautiful city, the seaside takes the breath and the historical center is wonderful. There you can buy the “cuoppo”, the typical finger food served into a paper cone, fried fish.

From the historical center you can go to Corso Vittorio Emanuele to do some shopping and appreciate the variety of desserts.

Don’t forget to visit the Duomo of Salerno. Want to visit more? We can take you to the Arechi castle, a Medieval building still agibile. It is mostly used for art exhibition, cultural events and concerts.

Amalfi Car Service

Want to know more about our service? We have professional drivers who can speak English and they are totally available to you. Our cars are wide as well the trunks. Your trip will be safe and comfortable with Amalfi Car.

Salerno Cruise port to Pompeii

In case you want to do a tour in Pompeii from your Salerno cruise, contact us filling the form. We will be glad to be at your service. Pompeii is a bit far from Salerno, but with our private transfer you can have a very good excursion. Pompeii is a big uninhabited city so you’ll have to walk very much once there. But, what are the most popular attractions of the city flooded by the Vesuvius?

What to visit in Pompeii

In Pompeii you will find many interesting villas and important houses. You will note the architectural avant-garde and appreciate the Roman devotion to Olympus gods. The most breathtaking places are certainly the amphitheaters. Do you like Pink Floyd? You will visit the famous amphitheater where they played in the 70s.

So, what about this plan? Will you do a tour with us? Fill the form to ask for a free quote and book soon your excursion around Campania.B Thank you so much for visiting us, enjoy your holiday!