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Are you finally having your holiday in Naples? If you want to do a tour Amalfi Coast, Naples and many others are waiting for you. Are you having a cruise in Naples? If you are in one of these situations we can help you: Amalfi Car is specialized on transfers and excursions in Campania and out. We only give a quality service, we know well these roads, so you will be safe with us.

Tour Amalfi from Naples

Tour Amalfi from Naples

Let’s discover together what will you see once in Amalfi. If you are staying in a Naples hotel or landing with the cruise, you can call us and we’ll come to take you. Amalfi Coast is a very attended place, every year, mostly on Summer, it turns into a real area available only to serveB tourists.

Among chaos and crowd you will appreciate the mix of history, culture and nature. The sea is clear everywhere, food is wonderful and people are cozy. The most visited areas are Positano for fashion, Ravello for the view and Amalfi for the culture.

Tour from Naples to Amalfi Coast

Positano is called “the vertical city”, you can’t miss to take pictures in the typical stairs and to buy some handmade sandals. What about Ravello? It is called the city of music…every town has a second name here to describe its straight. There you can visit two astonishing villas called Villa Rufolo and villa Cimbrone.

Amalfi…what can we say about Amalfi that you don’t know? We suggest you to visit the Cathedral, the Museum of Paper and the pretty historical center.

Cruise port in Naples Italy

Amalfi Car service has a variety of opportunity to travel safe. Our drivers are professional, they can drive also through the most difficult roads because they have a long experience. They can speak English, so there won’t be any communication problem.

  • They are kind, cozy and completely available
  • Moreover they drive wide cars with up to 8 seats
  • Our trunks are wide

So, you will relax and travel comfortably choosing the right temperature. This is the best option for the ones who like travelling but prefer the comfort.

If you are landing to Naples port we can come there and bring you to do the excursion you like. There are many attractions that tourists ask for every year, you only have to chose.

The advantages with Amalfi Car

Do you have an idea of what would mean moving with the public means? In wide areas like Naples you can’t find only one transfer to get to the destination, it would take something like two or three different transports. Moreover many times trains, buses and ferries are crowded, on Summer above all.

An example: if you want to move from Naples port to Ravello you should take a ferry to Amalfi and then a bus to Ravello. Another option would be taking a bus to Naples station and there another bus to get off in Amalfi and get on a bus for Ravello.B With Amalfi Car you will zap all the stress and keep only the fun.

Cruise excursions Naples Italy

You are doing your cruise in Naples and wondering about what to visit during an excursion. Is it correct? We have your solution, we know Naples and all the Campania very well, we have a long experience on tours and excursions. Let us drive you in the most special places of Naples. Let you bring to Castel dell’Ovo, Galleria Umberto I, San Carlo Theatre, Plebiscito Square and Mergellina seaside.

Many beautiful attractions in Naples are far each other, but with us you will reach them very fastly. Be prepared to see the marvelous Spaccanapoli, Castel Sant’Elmo, Castel Nuovo, the Royal Palace and Toledo station, the most beautiful underground station in Europe with a gorgeous Oliviero Toscani work.

Something about Naples history

Did you now that today Naples dialect is a real language? It is the result of three mixed languages as Italian, Spanish and French. The last two are the most recent dominations. In fact, from the 15th century to the Union of Italy in 1861, Naples has been contaminated by two important nations of Europe.

Naples hasn’t been influenced only in language, but also culture and lifestyle has much of these two beautiful nations. A very good memory that Naples has about domination is Ferdinando I, the king of people. If you want to know more of these stories call us, we’ll arrange an excursion to the museum. It will only be a pleasure.

Thank you so much for visiting us, we hope we helped you somehow with our guide. Book now your excursion and enjoy your holiday in Naples!