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Tour Amalfi Coast from Rome

Tour Amalfi Coast from Rome

Tour Amalfi Coast from Rome – Are you planning a holiday in Rome? Great idea for your vacations! This is a very big piece of history that everyone in the world should visit. There, much of the today culture took place, much of the today engineering of all Europe and then America. Well, are you excited about it or not? Are you ready to visit Colosseo, the Altar of the Fatherland, Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna and Vatican City?

Many people every year choose Rome to visit, it is also a good point to move in other Italian destinations. Have you ever heard about Amalfi? Of course you did! This is another important destination of Italy, not as important as Rome, but also a piece of history and perfect for tourists. If you would like to move from Rome to Amalfi we have the solution, keep on reading!

Amalfi Coast airports

For its geological conformation, the Amalfi Coast is a bit isolated by the rest of the world. In this way you will appreciate the preserved nature, the enchanting places, beaches and clean waters.B You could visit the charming Positano, the super elegant city of music Ravello, the historical Amalfi and many other magnificent and suggestive destinations.

The problem to get to Amalfi on your own

But, in the other hand, it means that to get to Amalfi overland you only have one option: taking the SS 163. This isn’t a simple road at all, it is very narrow, sometimes dangerous and often curvy. It’s easy to see people by the way helping the drivers as if they were traffic wardens.

As you understand, Amalfi Coast hasn’t got an airport and the most considered ones are Rome and Naples airports. Here another problem arises: moving from the airport with public transfer, a TOTALLY DIFFICULT UNDERTAKING! Let’s see why.

Amalfi Car service

So, the consequence should be that you’d get off the plane to take at least 2 more transfers. Though taking the ferry. And were will energy be, to visit the coast? For this reason we suggest you to call us: fill immediately the form to contact us, ask for a free quote or tell us your doubts. We will be happy to answer you. Amalfi Car has an old experience on this field.

After we made arrangements, our drivers will come to Rome at the time you prefer. Our drivers are professional, they speak English, they are brilliant and totally available. Moreover we have a wide trunk for your luggages or strollers, and up to 8 seats for each car. A very relaxing trip is waiting for you, comfortable seats and air conditioner. The only thing you have to do is enjoying the view over the window. So…are you ready to go?

Amalfi Coast transfers and excursions

If you enjoyed the Amalfi Coast tour from Rome, know that you can do it also in other destinations of Campania. Yes, because we don’t only do transfer service, but also arrange excursions. Not only Milan, Tuscany and Venice are pretty areas to visit, Campania has much to offer to tourists and has an old tourism tradition because of the magical places (Amalfi is an example), the history and nature.

So, let’s have a fast look to the destinations you could visit once there. There’s really much to see, as these places:

  • Naples
  • the Sorrento Peninsula
  • Paestum and Pompeii, two wonderful archaeological sites
  • the Vesuvius
  • the pretty Salerno
  • and the Cilento Coast

We could also bring you to Matera if you wish, it is the European Capital of Culture 2019, a city entirely built in stone!

We thank you so much for visiting our page. We hope we answered to your questions with these information. Don’t you forget to fill the form to book your tour. Have a nice holiday in Rome!