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Cruise Excursions Naples Italy

Cruise Excursions Naples Italy

Are you going to face a cruise with a stop in Naples? Well, you’d need a transfer to go and visit this city. In a few days you could see much. Campania is a gorgeous land, full of history and tourism attractions. Guide to Cruise excursions Naples Italy: what to visit? Let’s see together what you could visit in a tour excursion!

Let us show you what are the best attractions that tourists love. We know them all and will take you there. Our drivers can speak many languages, so they will tell you the secrets of the fascinating Campania.

Guide to Cruise excursions Naples Italy: what to visit?

This is our guide to visit Naples and Amalfi Coast. There are many excursions we could do. We’ll come to get you to the port and there will start your Naples holidays. The first thing you should visit is Pompeii! An old uninhabited city that can explain how Romans used to live in 79 a.C.

You even can’t miss Amalfi Coast, the divine coast, the land of lemons and rocks where fashion is the owner. Positano, Amalfi, Ravello…cities known all over the world for beauty and the food. Are you planning a boat excursion to Capri? It isn’t a bad idea! You should enjoy your trip 100%!

One step close to Positano there is Sorrento, as known as Amalfi Coast, an elegant and historical town. Have you ever heard about Sedil Dominova? We also suggest you to taste the gnocchetti alla sorrentina!

But, let’s start the guide.

1) Tour from Naples to Pompeii

As we already told you, Pompeii is a huge town which in 79 a.C. has been covered by the Vesuvius lava. There are many legends about the reason why it happened, as the immorality that the Pompeii people used to practice. It will take about 6 hours to have a complete tour of Pompeii, the excavations aren’t finished yet, there’s still much to discover.

There you will realize the vanguard of the Romans engineering from the streets (they used to have a sort of pedestrian crossing) to the walls (they used to make a cement mixture that we have not yet been able to reproduce!). Many places in this abandoned city will attract your attention. Many villas and theatres. Did you know about the Pink Floyd live concert?

Next to Pompeii there’s Herculaneum, also swept up by the volcanic eruption. It has been recently discovered.

2) Tour from Naples to Amalfi Coast

It’s time for a bath! We are going to take you to the divine coast, the land where Ulysses met the mermaids. This is one of the places to visit in life. Because of the smell of saltiness during the walks, because the great quality food, because of the magic historical centers. Have you ever been to Atrani? It’s the smallest town in Italy.

You also have to spend a time along the Furore Fiord and the Emerald Grotto. Do you like trekking? You could discover the Path of Gods. Do you like beach? Go to Maiori or Praiano. Do you like eating? Well, you will definitely get along to Amalfi Coast.

Now let’s discover the best towns: Ravello, Amalfi and Positano!

Ravello, Positano and Amalfi Car Service

  • Ravello is a very lovely place, it’s maybe the only popular Amalfi Coast town 365 meters above sea level. There you can visit the two magnificent villas: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. The last one is at the same time hotel and museum. Can you imagine the charm? There are very famous terraces, we suggest you to go there and take many pictures!
  • Amalfi is a pretty town, you can visit the Museum of Paper and the St. Andrew’s Cathedral. We suggest you to get lost in the narrow streets and squares of the historical center and have a dive into the clear sea waters.
  • What about Positano? Good food, fashion and charm all over the “vertical city”! The Positano stairs are able to fascinate you through flowers and craft shops. You can’t leave Positano without buying a dress or a quality pair of leather sandals.

3) Amalfi Coast transfers to Salerno

How has your Amalfi Coast tour been? Did you like it? Now we take you in another city, a pretty one called Salerno. You have to take a trip to it. Seaside is very suggestive and the historical center is very fascinating. Here you can taste the famous “cuoppo”, a paper cone full of fried fish.

We suggest you to do a walk in Corso Vittorio Emanuele and, why not, have some healthy shopping in its multitude of shops. Before leaving, go and visit the Arechi castle, a Middle Ages building still intact. With a little luck you will find an exposition or a concert in it.

4) From cruise port in Naples Italy to Sorrento

One more suggestion: don’t leave Naples before visiting Sorrento. This romantic town has much to offer to its fond tourists. There are exclusive places where you will eat paradisiac food. You will also visit wonderful places and, if you want, have a dive into the blue and sparkly sea.

Ice cream is very tasty here, as well as fish, and as well as many other dishes. But, we suggest you to taste lemon based food. Lemon is the symbol of Sorrento, also Amalfi has its lemon, but they are two different protected species, though they’re very similar.

Car rental Naples Italy cruise port

Here we are, we’ll bring finally in Naples with our car. This lovely metropolis is able to abduct your heart. Piazza del PlebiscitoSpaccanapoli, the Male AngevinCastel NuovoCastel dell’ovoThe VesuviusGalleria Umberto Ithe Royal Palace. Did you know that Naples has the most beautiful underground station in Europe? It’s called via Toledo. Also the ancient underground Naples is a very beautiful place to visit.

We hope we helped you with this little guide. Book soon your excursion from Naples, you already know what awaits you! Thank you for visiting and have a good cruise.