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If you want to visit Italy and search airports for Amalfi Coast, this is the right place. There are two solutions if you want to land next to the divine coast.

  • OPTION 1: Rome airports
  • OPTION 2: Naples airport
Airports for Amalfi Coast

Airports for Amalfi Coast

In both cases Amalfi Car can help you. Unfortunately Amalfi hasn’t an airport, the closest one is in Salerno but it’s private. We’ll be there waiting for you outside the door, trust us, this is the best way to travel.

Now we’ll explain what would happen if you took public transport. There are many public transports, from Rome you should take a train to Salerno or Naples and there take a bus to Amalfi Coast. Samely from Naples, but there is one big problem: the road strada statale 163: it is very complicated to drive and narrow, and often and willingly people travel on it standing for one hour and a half.

Transfer Amalfi Coast airports: the comfort of Amalfi Car

Yes, the worst problem of this lovely land is getting there. Maybe also this is part of its charm, who knows? As we told you in the previous paragraph, our drivers can come to Rome or Naples airports to take you to Amalfi. It will be easy and less stressful. You can rest for a bit in our cars. You couldn’t do this in public transport, because there is always a lot of people moving. Can you imagine changing something like 3 different means?

We have up to 8 seats, wide trunk, heat and air conditioning. The drivers can speak English and they will be completely available to you!

Our service doesn’t ends only in moving you from a cozy to another, but we also arrange tours and excursions.

Tour Amalfi Coast from Rome

In fact, if you are spending your relaxing holidays in Rome and want to do a tour in Amalfi you can. We are specialized on this Coast and many other attractions like Sorrento and Pompeii.

So, what are the places to visit in one day? Let’s see them!B We suggest you to do an excursion in Ravello, Amalfi and Positano. There are also many other places as Furore and Emerald Grotto. You should go there, even only to take a picture.

Positano, Amalfi and Ravello

Coming from the north, the first one you will meet is Positano, the vertical city with adorable stairs, wonderful shops and dreamy beach. Then you could stop to the Furore Fiord and take an hour to get in the Emerald Grotto.

Amalfi is in the surroundings, so you could visit it as the majestic Cathedral and the Museum of Paper. Ravello has two wonderful villas that tourists visit every year, their names are Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Take your time to have a dive into the clear waters of Amalfi Coast.

Tour from Sorrento to Pompeii

We also have many requests for Sorrento and Pompeii tour. One is a romantic place, the other is an historical place. In Sorrento you will discover freedom, in Pompeii you will know the human race.

You can’t miss lemon based fishes and gnocchetti in Sorrento. You have to discover the theatres of Pompeii. If you want to spend your time on visiting Sorrento or Pompeii, we are happy to take you there, as one only excursion or as two different tours. Many other destinations are available, you only have to ask and our drivers will be there!

Now you just have to fill the form to ask for a free quote. We thank you so much for visiting us and have a nice holiday in Italy!

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